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15.06.2010 - Forthcoming third workshop organised in the framework of Phase II Joint Development of project FUTUREforest under INTERREG IVC of the European Union

    The Executive Agency for Forests (EAF) to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food is a partner in the implementation of project FUTREforest financed from INTERREG IVc of the European Union, along with 6 other European partners, including Brandenburg (Germany), Wales, Overne (France), Catalonia (Spain, Latvia and Slovakia. The project was approved on 19 September 2008 and will be implemented over a period of 3 years.
 The main vision underlying the project is to create instruments, methods, policies and programmes for support to forest owners and decision makers through regional cooperation, which will continue to generate a diversity of benefits and will ensure future generations inherit forests that well adapted and flexible with regard to risks associated with nature and climate change.
 The main objective is to improve the efficiency of the development of regional policies and of the contribution to economic modernization and improvement of competitiveness in Europe by exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge and good practices in the area of forest management. Furthermore, the project aims to improve and adapt regional and/or local policies and practices in order to reduce the impact of climate change with a focus on the balance of water, soil, forest and non-forest products and resources and the quality of ambient air, including the utilisation of carbon and reduce the incidence of forest fires, pests and plant diseases.
the main project phases are set out below:
Phase I “Seeing is believing”. Seven planned field visits were conducted in the period February-September 2009. These were followed up by a conference, which took place in Barcelona at the beginning of September 2009 and was dedicated to a discussion of the results of conducted field visits.
Phase II “Joint Development” is currently under way and 2 workshops have been organised to date – in December 2009 in Brandenburg, Germany, and in February 2010 in Overne, France. The third seminar under this phase will take place in the period 28-20 June 2010 in Bulgaria and the fourth workshop will take place in Latvia in October 2010. The final conference under Phase II Joint development will be organised in December 2010 in Wales.
In addition to participating in international events, at the national level the Executive Agency for Forests will conduct a tender for the award of a public procurement contract for the drafting of a Programme for the adaptation of Bulgarian forests and reducing the negative impact of climate change on them. The public procurement contract was signed on 4 May 2010 and the implementation period is 9 months and will expire at the beginning of February 2011.
 Phase III “Policy Transfer” will present the results of the project at a final conference in Brussels. The focus of this phase is the exchange of experience and the transfer of policies and best practices, making political recommendations, issuing strategic guidelines, drafting forest programmes and creating political instruments (methodologies, software etc.) within regions and oriented towards other public organisations and stakeholders.



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