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02.06.2010 - Thumbs Up for the new draft Forestry Act from the Forestry Polytechnic and the Union of Forestry Experts

  Following up on an initiative of the Forestry Polytechnic and the Bulgarian Union of Forestry Experts, the new draft Forestry Act was discussed on 31 May at a meeting attended by researchers and tutors of the Forestry Polytechnic, the Institute on Forests (including representatives of the management of the two institutions).
Tony Krastev, coordinator of the working group responsible for the Forest Act and Director of Directorate Forestation Policy and Economic Activities of the Executive Agency for Forests, emphasized that the philosophy underlying the law sets out a broad framework, which will ensure the law can be implemented in the long-term and under different conditions. The draft law is publicly available and all stakeholders have an opportunity to submit their opinions on the draft. Therefore, the meeting could proceed with statements from the participants, which would be taken into account by the working group if they were subsequently submitted in an electronic format.
Each of the speakers, and in particular Associate Professor Kiril Lyubenov, Professor Boyan Rosnev, Associate Professor Ivan Yovkov, Associate Professor Vasil Stiptsov and Antoniy Stefanov, Dipl. Eng., highlighted possibilities to further improve the draft in their respective area of research and practical competence, notably stocktaking, certification, planning schemes and organisation of the forest stock land, entrepreneurship, economic and financial mechanisms and the use and preservation (protection) of forests. Associate Professor Paligorov, Chair of the Bulgarian Union of Forestry Experts, submitted several written proposals to the working group drafted by the Union, which expressed general support for the draft and set out several recommendations for its further improvement.
The meeting was attended by the Chancellor of the Forestry Polytechnic, Professor Nino Ninov, the Director of the Institute on Forests, Professor emeritus Alexander Alexandrov, Professor Hristo Tsakov, Deputy Director, and Boyan Rosnev, Secretary responsible for science and research of the Institute, the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry of the Forestry Polytechnic, Associate Professor Milko Milev, the Deputy Executive Director of the Executive Agency for Forests and Chair of the working group responsible for the draft Pencho Dermendjiev, Magdalena Stancheva, member of the working group and senior legal adviser at the Executive Agency for Forests.
At the meeting, which took place on 31 May at the Forestry Polytechnica, the new draft Forestry Act received a clear and wide approval.



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